Poetry of Fun

HELLO PEOPLE and welcome to my newest blog called “Poetry of Fun”. I have another poem blog, but I am going to delete the other one because I wanted to start off fresh. But to my new blog, this one looks better, and it is going to have a lot more poems on it. I am really glad to have this new blog and share new poems that I have been working on. I am so glad to share these new poems that I wrote myself. Writing poems is my life and I love when people can relate to them.

Sorry if my home page don’t have too much on it, I’m still working on what I want to put on the home page. So, I hope that you enjoy this new blog of mine. And if you can, please leave your feedback in the comments about my poems. I am on the journey to writing my first poem book in my life, and I am so excited about that. I always wanted to do that and now with Jesus Christ behind me, now I am ready to move forward in this direction that Jesus Christ has sent me.

So take a read at these poems and hope that you like them. Thank you and God Bless